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How to find an SEO friendly domains and why not an EMD for your site?

SEO being the key factor in determining our choice of domain names, for a website while registering and choosing a web hosting plan. It is because most of the individual working as a website builder focuses on, how well and how quickly the site can get to the top of the search engines. And for this reason, people try to include, highly searched key words in the domain names in order to get the site in the top search on any search engine.

In the past, there people were inclined to select Domain names using the EMD (exact match domain names) strategy. According to this rule the domain name search was carried out using the exact name of the site or the business. Like George's men Though this practice worked previously, but now after google's recent EMD update has made it useless to pick domains that are exact matches of the website name or business name. It is because, it will require the exact content match on the site otherwise it may get penalized if the content has slightly different meaning as compared to the domain name. Due to this reason, today people tend to use certain useful strategies other than using EMD to avoid any issues and still getting to the top of a search engine through SEO friendly domain names. Some useful tips are:

Choose a simple and easy to spell domain name

Domain names that are easy to speak and spell are more likely to come to the top of the search engines as compared to complicated ones.

Try to develop a brand

For a quality domain name registration, you should try to think of a new unique brand of your own, Like for the salon example given above the best would have the

Be specific and short

Specific short and relevant domain names can be SEO friendly as compared to the long, irrelevant and ambiguous domains.

Insert a highly searched keyword

You can insert a single, highly searched keyword to make your domain catch up in searches as quickly as possible.

Always go for a .com site

A .com site is always a best option for a small or large sized business.

In Australia, you can find unique and seo friendly domains easily with a little search on website hosting and registration sites. Hosting services also offer SSL certificates for a secure domain for their businesses.

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